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Коровья Комната в Hellgate Global

Новость написал demer 2012-08-10 00:25:57
Каждая уважающая себя игра содержит пасхалки и различные секреты, что позволяет сделать геймплей интересней, а саму игру увлекательней. И, конечно же, Hellgate не стал исключением! Помимо массы отсылок к различным вселенным, в игре есть и секретный уровень... А если точнее Коровья Комната! Да-да, нечто подобное было и есть в серии Diablo и разработчики Hellgate не упустили возможности добавить зараженную зомби Коровью Комнату с релизом Hellgate: Tokyo.

Далее в новости еще одно видео, немного размышлений, для каких целей создавался этот уровень и небольшое руководство "Как попасть в секретную Коровью Комнату в Hellgate Global?"

Любопытно, не правда ли? Бесконечная толпа зомби, пытающаяся вас сожрать и не останавливающаяся ни перед чем! Это почти как стратегии на сайте igristrategii.ru, только в жанре ARPG! Не каждому герою это по плечу. ведь помимо недюжего обмундирования вам понадобятся еще и отточенные навыки, а, возможно и помощь друга!
Готовы к схватке? Тогда читаем далее...

Как попасть в секретную Коровью Комнату в Hellgate?

Для начала нам потребуется собрать несколько ингредиентов для специального ключа-талисмана:
  1. Wart's Peg Leg, дается за выполнение квеста от Wart/Li'l Joey на станции Holborn. Квест называется "A Leg Up"
  2. 30 Advanced Sacred Fragments, которые выпадают со специальных мини боссов в Abyss и Catacombs
  3. 20 Personal Relocation Device
  4. 10 Nanoshards

Как только у вас будут все необходимые компоненты, создаем талисман с помощью Transmogrifying Cube.


Теперь ключ у нас есть, осталось найти нужный замок, а точнее локацию "The Big Gundown". Добравшись до места назначения ищем "Strange Box", которая похожа на синюю телефонную будку и активируем талисман...
А вам удалось попасть в Коровью Комнату и сразиться с огромной жадной до плоти толпой зомби? :)

Telma [5ddjw0jf собака yahoo точка com][2014-12-17 23:00:34]

You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion evrhywreee!

womens jordan shoes [jiak*dr собака gmail точка com][2015-06-03 17:57:20]

A few more keystrokes, and the robot and the seat gyrate seemingly at random for several seconds.. To settle the complaint at the immigration service, Kraushaar initially demanded thousands of dollars in payment, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one year fellowship to Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, according to a former supervisor familiar with the complaint.

air jordan 4 cement 2012 [fdrgby*a собака gmail точка com][2015-06-04 11:26:46]

Slower swimmers can take the extra half hour to assure favorable tides through Key West Harbor, Fleming Cut and Cow Key Channel.. A little intimidating at this point. The world's oldest international news agency Agence France Presse or AFP was "first to announce the deaths of Joseph Stalin, Pope John Paul I, and Indira Gandhi." It also told the world about the car accident that killed Diana.

jordan 5 retro for sale [fdrgby*a собака gmail точка com][2015-06-05 04:04:31]

The Democratic side, President Barack Obama is Protestant, while Vice President Joe Biden is Catholic. The Presidential limousine is sometimes taken to overseas stops where secure transportation is needed. 2. If no other cars were physically involved in the accident (as opposed to recklessly near and possibly causing the accident), you've not really got much chance of getting anyone else's car insurance involved, and liability doesn't cover your own vehicle..

infrared jordan 6 for sal [fd*afguf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-08 08:43:52]

He missed the next five games, returned for the season finale and one playoff game, but broke his arm again in the playoffs and missed the rest of the year.. "I'm made a mistake and I'm working on responsibility professionally and personally," he said.I contacted White through the Lakers coaching staff and met with him to talk about the treatment and see if he would be interested in trying it. Person.. With my vehicle now along side the rig, I braced myself, screamed save me and I applied my brakes.

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So what does that make the feeling of my fingers touching each other? That feels like an E minor, I thought, and I set about intently listening to the song of my physical body. Beerleaguer: It changes everything, and yet it doesn't. Here is my problem, if you can call it that: I can't help but cheat on women.

Billige Toms Skor l?ve [fsscfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-24 16:38:32]

When you try to install it, the program simply checks an online database, and determines if the hardware configuration of the current computer is identical to what it was originally paired with. It's just specific enough that you won't, with any reasonable degree of probability, be able to give the disc to someone else and have it work on their machine.Thanks Jesse profits changing market share and shift to small cars it's all coming on Monday. In the digital and print editions of Automotive News we're working on a big picture snapshot of all things changing in the industry. They do their own research. They challenge doctors.

retro 11 low [ffccbd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-24 16:55:41]

Big message here is that people are facing barriers and that is what the main problem is, said Krug. Is an interaction between the impairment and the barriers put up by society and the environment. Imagination makes it possible for us to think differently about what is, what has been, and to envisage what may be. It's what enables us to think beyond our perceived normality, to create a world without boundaries or restrictions.

Toms Sko nettbutikk [fssdsfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-24 17:01:37]

The story about Ukraine's 1.8B in gold being taken away by the US is on globalresearch dot ca. Yats was wanted as PM because he's the IMF's man. On the highway, lane changes are a bit spooky, as the car levitates itself nicely through high speed changes. In more aggressive turning, such as around corners, it responds as a smaller, shorter car would, with added stability and smoothness..

cheap jordans shoes for s [ffccbd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-25 10:43:49]

Gone too are loose ball bearings in the steering column. In their place: high grade ball bearings in a tiny circular cage. While the number is not large in terms of overall security incidents experienced in Australia CERT Australia for example has already reported 5000 incidents this year, many of which are more routine the statistics should be viewed in light of the role the agency is meant to play in national security and the history of attacks targeting Australia, both physical and electronic. In other words, the total number of incidents is significant..This actually only made the problem worse, as the lymphatic system became compromised and had difficulty circulating lymph fluid.Dr. Vodder researched and developed MLD, which is a massage therapy that is targeted for the lymph node regions of the body.

cheap jordans shoes for s [dfgfscbd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-25 11:45:52]

It partly due to our faulty memories that we can accept that not all medical procedures are necessary. We forget that 40 years ago many individuals suffered heart problems, or outright attacks. Nameless, faceless cyber terrorists can strike from anywhere in the world without warning. Those intent on causing harm never cease in developing new ways to attack information systems, driving a constant need to improve skills, policies and tools dedicated to cyber security..

buy Jordan 7 Bordeaux [fsscfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-25 11:59:57]

He replaces Martin Smith, who is serving as interim principal since Amy Poston resignation. Matthews is completing his seventh year as assistant principal at Darlington Middle School. The sharing has been so refreshing. Will be sad when I leave, Bouma admitted.

toms billig Skor 2015 [fssdsfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-25 12:02:42]

Found many barriers to cross cultural communication in the clinical setting that centred around assumptions, conscious or not, made by health care workers. Staff frequently raised their voices to speak to patients with limited English speaking ability, despite the patients having no hearing difficulty.

jordan 4 cement for sale [fdsdfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-26 12:37:05]

Attackers' intentions unclearBut the breadth of the threat could be far larger. The spyware has at least 5,000 functions, and only that one basic function the database download is well understood so far, Frank Boldewin, an independent computer security researcher analyzing Stuxnet, writes in an e mail interview..

jordan spizike for sale [fjdfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-26 13:39:58]

Meanwhile, the man had also gone to visit Orlando Regional Medical Center on May 5, accompanying someone who was getting medical testing, Lewis said. There, he came into close contact with a doctor and four other health care workers. Smaller cities in India run the risk of a cyber attack when compared to the bigger ones. A report released by Symantec Corp reveals that smaller and emerging cities such as Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Cochin, Jaipur, Vishakhapatnam and Indoreare increasingly facing the risk of cyber attacks, with 25 per cent of bot infections in India reported in such cities..

retro jordan 8s [fddhfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-26 13:55:17]

Even the Labour dominated Transport Select Committee admits that train travel is "an abject failure", with fare structures "chaotic and absurd".The Office of Rail Regulation is warning rail passengers that "the price of your train ticket might be very high as the [train] company is abusing its powerful position in the market, and setting prices which are too high under the rules of competition law". The ORR adds that for a train fare to be legal, it must "relate reasonably to the value of the product/service being supplied".Or to put that another way, unreasonably high fares are against the law.The growing number of cyber threats has led to increased demand for cyber security experts certified in IT masters degree, penetration testing, computer forensics, security audit, ethical hacking and security analysis. Introducing online technology degree programs in Universities may help working security professionals to upgrade themselves with latest tools, procedures and technologies.

toms Sko uttak [fdsdfd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-06-26 19:33:42]

You talking about front line health care to vulnerable citizens, senior citizens, this is obviously very troubling, explained AUPE President Guy Smith. A shock to the long term care system. I believed that people went into this industry to care for people, however when I worked there I found it was not the case and felt very disheartened. I used to sit with patients and listen to their stories.Bolshoi Theatre Re Opening GalaArts G After a major renovation lasting more than seven years, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow finally re opened towards the end of last year with an extravaganza of ballet and opera in an all Russian program, featuring a cast of thousands.After a major renovation lasting more than seven years, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow recently re opened with an extravaganza of ballet and opera in an all Russian program, featuring a cast of thousands. Natalie Dessay, Angela Gheorghiu and Svetlana Zakharova are just a few of the star names performing in front of lavish stage sets to celebrate the best of Russian music and dance, with excerpts from classics such as Swan Lake, Spartacus, and Queen of Spades.

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Cost: Canadians were least likely to have made a financial estimate in the event of a successful cyber attack 42% compared to 48% overall. Twenty nine percent of Canadian respondents who had made an estimation expected that a successful cyber attack would cost their organization up toCAN$16 million, a further 24% said more than CAN$80 million..

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An alternative scenario would be the nuclear option in a full blown cyberwar the last resort in retaliation to other forms of cyberattack. A nation state could pull up the digital drawbridge by adjusting its BGP to disconnect from the internet, just as Egypt did two weeks ago.

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According to the Federation of Small Business[ii], 41 per cent of small firms were hit by cybercrime in 2013, with one in ten the victim of online fraud and one in five affected by a computer virus."While it is encouraging to see the extent to which micro firms are embracing the latest technologies, this must go hand in hand with a strong approach to internet security," said Kirill Slavin, UK MD at Kaspersky Lab. "One in ten of those surveyed admitted that an IT security breach would probably cost them their business.Jamey Wilson, 24, was arrested by the Jones County Sheriff Department. Deputies said they were led toMore >>Jamey Wilson, 24, was arrested Thursday and charged with statutory rape. In a study at UC San Diego, participants watched videos of staged interviews in which a subject mirrored the physical behaviors of an interviewer. In videos where the interviewer was noticeably unfriendly, study participants rated the mimicker as less competent than a subject who performed no mimicking.

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It focuses on how front liners perceive the system (Does it require minor or major change? Do patients get too much or too little care? Can they get diagnostic tests when they need them?) and how they themselves operate (Do they make home visits? Prescribe electronically? Monitor their own performance against targets?) It provides a fascinating insight not just into how we are doing, but also into how we are doing relative to other countries. Sadly, the answer is "not that well.".

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Go over and above. Do your job and a little more. But Harris was part of a smaller group of workers,

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The Asha 300 in turn is an obvious descendant of the C3 01. Interestingly, while the QWERTY enabled Asha 303 upgrades its predecessor in almost every way, the Asha 300 looks and feels like a downgrade. The study lays out what is known about an outbreak of MERS that erupted this spring in four hospitals in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, in an area whose name translated into English can be spelled Al Ahsa or Al Hasa (the study uses the second version). It was reported online on Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine..Second, we need to get better prepared for climate change impacts in our communities. Our hospitals and clinics need to be resilient and self sufficient. Next for us is to look and see what the statutes actually say about what our rights are," Ware said.According to state law, the mayor will be officially sworn in on the first Tuesday in July.High speed chase from Forrest Co. Ends in GulfportHigh speed chase from Forrest Co.

Toms Sko nettbutikk [fdcvd*avlf собака gmail точка com][2015-07-02 02:45:18]

I'm not sure what's causing your sheeply views. In the last few days, hundreds have come out in protest of the Albuquerque Police Department for what they deem as "excessive use of force" in relationship to the shooting deaths of a few people.. I started off as a Nurse and my husband as a Care assistant because at the beginning he did not manage to get a job corresponding to his qualifications in the UK. After 6 months we terminated our first job ( Nursing Home AB ) because we did not get a contract after said period, and our employer kept bullying us at the workplace, in many cases yelling at us, also gave us a lot of stress and, in general, behaved in a discriminative manner.In this regard, there is good reason to be concerned when we see that Qubec has the lowest spending in Canada on public health (3 per cent of total spending compared to the Canadian average of 5.2 per cent) and when we see that it is in Qubec that the portion of spending dedicated to funding hospitals is the lowest (27.3 per cent compared to an average of 29.5 per cent). So the government must avoid putting undue pressure on people who are already at the end of their rope..

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Over the w/end as we were desperate for net, I knocked on another apartment and asked for their

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Недостаточно беспокоиться о состоянии здоровья родного малыша - нужно делать уверенные действия для его защиты. Притом поручить такой вопрос нужно исключительно опытным профессиональным педиатрам.
На сегодняшний день консультации индивидуального врача по карману далеко не всем жителям России. А отправляться по любому вопросу в поликлинику, простаивать длинные очереди и подвергать ребенка вероятности заразиться вирусами от других детей - тоже не вариант.
К счастью, разные частные клиники дают оформить программу Детского Добровольного Медицинского Обслуживания (ДМО), которая помогает за небольшую сумму купить полис на одногодичное обслуживание у педиатров.
К сожалению, не многие люди знают о такой услуге и продолжают лечить детей народными способами, ждут часами в очередях и переплачивают за посещения частных врачей.
А программа Добровольного Медицинского Обслуживания для детей даёт возможность:
" Бесплатно получить больничный лист по уходу за ребенком;
" Бесплатно проходить обследование у личных врачей педиатров;
" Бесплатно или со скидкой проходить лечебные процедуры и диагностику;
" Лечить чадо сразу, качественно и без очередей.
Для того чтобы ознакомиться со списком клиник и условиями предоставления лечения нужно написать в поиск Яндекса или Google ключевое выражение: "Добровольное Медицинское Обслуживание". После этого нужно подобрать понравившуюся клинику и оформить договор.


Thomasmaype [yourmail собака gmail точка com][2019-09-12 01:30:08]

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Да, безусловно, я сделаю все, чтобы его достать!
Жду, но если будет хотя бы англоязычная версия
Конечно, жду, а еще я жду когда ее русифицируют
Нет, и делать мне тут нечего :)

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